Hijab Styles DVD by Siti Juwariyah and Suci Utami

Two inspring hijab desiners, Siti Juwariah and Suchi Utami present you this DVD as the answer for all tutorial hijab-related question. For you who wondering how they did their hijab style, now you can learn their "signature" hijab style through this DVD. Using their own label as props, they give you five styles using Suci's Such! by Suchi Utami and five styles using Siti's Kaffah. By showing you hijab style using different fabrics, hopefully they can inspire you to widen up your hijab style reference.

They present you "HIJAB STYLE by Suci Utami and Siti Juwariyah VOL. 1" tutorial DVD as their first project together. Main aim of the making of this tutorial DVD is none other to share our hijab style in order to (hopefully) inspire other muslimah in style up their hijab.

Please check the following trailler.