3SECOND Clothing

Over 10 years we've been working, we have made and create apparel & accessories. We always hold on our commitment and focus to create and provide streetwear stuffs for teenagers. We have creative design team who always being innovative to work for our 3 brands which are 3second, greenlight and moutley. Our market target is urban area & sub urban. Till this day we have a lot of distribution point in every city in Indonesia. And now we are preparing to open new distribution point for our stuffs in a few countries in south-east asia.

Our Vision : Went forward to be a fashion provider to serve and satisfied our costumers for Indonesian market and world market.

Our Mission : Production, supply and direct selling our product for customers satisfaction and stake holder.

Our Strategy : Develop and expand our 3 brands : 3second, greenlight, moutley become a strong brands in consumer to increase prosperity of our stake holder And ready to be a global brand.


3second : We care for our product and store ambience to serve and create to get the feel of famous atmosphere. We work hard so our costumer can feel the aura of celebrity. That's why we always set out our new street style product in trend community. We call our brand positioning as a 'Feel a Famous'

Greenlight : 'Never end to Concept' is a great deal for our positioning statement for Greenlight. We work hard in 'concept for value'. We care for our product, store ambience and serve with fully concept. We always inform about our new concept, what we do and what we work to our costumers. And with every various kind of selection for our concept and theme of our product that people always need. So Greenlight is the best choice for teenagers and adult.

Moutley : The mission is to learn, it's written in our logo 'Moutley Learn' remind us always to learn. Learn about our costumer, and provide what costumer need. Moutley positioning statement is 'Be Spotlight'. Moutley work hard to prove that we can gift a great deal of our product and images for them who use moutley product.